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by Tony Guidry

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I’m not a talent scout. I’m not an A&R. I don’t discover, develop or promote “talent”.

I market music digitally and grow the digital footprint of my clients. I establish REAL social media followings that include finding new fans and engaging them through consistent interaction and intriguing, attention-catching posts. Ultimately our goal is turning these new fans into customers who purchase a clients’ merch and music, stream their songs, watch their videos and spread the word about the artist to their friends.

The company aScratchyThroat uses the marketing tactics that Wendy Day has perfected over her 22 year career in the music industry – applied digitally. Our tactics are designed to work hand in hand with street outreach, giving our clients a presence online to go along with the physical fan building required to be successful in the music industry.

I also consult mid-level budgeted labels on the growth and expansion of label reach through shoe-string street marketing and guerrilla promotion tactics. Since these mid-level labels are often financially challenged, the methods I bring to them require hard work, dedication and persistence – but – lead to the dollars that can take a local label to a regional stage and ultimately national and even international.

I’m not a talent scout. I’m not an A&R. I’m a marketer and sometime consultant. I promote the music of my clients for a fee via aScratchyThroat – NOT using my personal social media accounts – but through professional & effective means that actually help artists grow in a way that can be measured. I do love music, especially rap, but me listening to your music isn’t conducive to your success as an artist. For a better understanding of this statement read: Why Me Listening To Your Music Doesn’t Help You (Or Me)

There are plenty of people in the industry who seek talent. They all charge a fee, along with taking a sizable percentage of the ownership of your craft. Sometimes (very rarely) the people who take these chunks of money and ownership from artists actually do benefit the artists’ careers. Sadly, the vast majority are hyenas & vultures that pick away the best parts of your talent, which they use for self-benefit; leaving the artist with broken dreams & empty pockets.

The advice I give upstart artists allows them to retain complete ownership of their craft while putting themselves in position to be properly compensated for their creativity. This can only be done through WORK, buzz building, networking and persistence.

Those artists who want a shark to recognize their talent and walk them through the dark alleys of the music industry and into the spotlight of fame ALWAYS get mugged, robbed & often raped along the way.

If a hard working artist is financially challenged, I sometimes advise and help them along their path to ensure their efforts aren’t wasted on scams or BS.

If an artist is talented without a work ethic I’m not interested in them or their music. The only thing a lazy talented artist is good for is to be robbed of his ownership while me and my team do all the work (and keep 90% of the money). I’m not trying to pimp artists though – I’m trying to educate them.

So I’m not interested solely in talent….I’m interested in talented hard workers, who don’t take no for an answer and pursue their dreams energetically and relentlessly. These are the people who lay the foundations that skyscrapers can be built upon.

 I don’t listen to artists with no buzz because it means they’re not hard workers or haven’t put their work into getting heard and getting known. My only exception to this rule of mine is for the artists that I meet physically in the streets pushing their music while being the face of their brand. I try to listen to every cd that a kid hands me while looking me in my eye. I’m not too different from the average rap fan either. That personal interaction makes a gigantic difference.

Don’t get it twisted. I don’t think I’m better than anyone or too good to listen to your music. That’s not it at all. I just know that a lazy artist can’t succeed; so I don’t listen to artists without a buzz. If you’re not lazy, you’ll work hard and build that buzz behind your music and yourself. Once you build that buzz, me & everyone else will start paying attention.

Reward yourself by working hard and smart to make your dreams come true. Ultimately it’s all on you. I don’t listen to artists that don’t have a buzz because I only want to hear those artists who are truly dedicated to their dreams and out there trying their best to get heard.

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 Tony Guidry is Senior Marketing Manager for A Scratchy ThroatA Scratchy Throat – the brainchild of music industry mainstay Wendy Day – provides professional social media marketing specifically designed for today’s aspiring artists.

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