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kick ass not kiss itI wonder if the up&coming rappers who are star struck and chasing behind these “superstar” rappers realize what they’re asking when they expect and beg these men to “put em on”……

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What’s really happening when you dcikriding that man is the same as a total stranger walking up to him in the middle of eating a gourmet meal and plopping down next to him saying “Gimme half o that bruh – fcuk how hungry you might be – fcuk how hard you worked to pay for that meal – fcuk what it costs – GIVE me some”

You really think that this man is gonna NOT fill his stomach up so that you can eat like him????? When he doesn’t even know you??? You don’t think that this man has a HUNDRED homies that he grew up with who all rap too?? You don’t think he’ll look out for his own homies BEFORE he helps a stranger??? Seriously?? Lastly, do you think he wants to CREATE competition for himself??

These “made” rappers aren’t as rich or as powerful as some of you think…..really, if you did take a minute to think….you’d realize that EVERY label owned by a rapper NEVER had another rapper under him “blow” to be bigger than the rapper/owner. Not Grand Hustle, not CTE, not G-Unit, Disturbing The Peace, Roc-a-fella, and the list goes on…..(please don’t try to include YMCMB saying that Wayne owns it and Drake & Nicki Minaj “blew up” — we all know that Baby owns all that!! LOL)…..the closest thing to an artist owned label with truly successful artists is Maybach Music Group; of the 12-15 person roster, 2 artists are seeing commercial success (Meek Mill & Wale) – yet neither have the success of partial owner Rick Ross……..don’t be fooled by “rap news” – pay attention – signing to another rapper’s label is NOT a payday.

But anyway…..before you run behind these popular rappers tryna eat the corn out they doo-doo…..catch ya head (in other words, be calm)….have some pride & some sense…..put your own work in…..signing to them won’t get you to the money (ask Freddie Gibbs or B.G. or Remy Ma, etc.)…..buying a feature with them won’t get you to the money….the music industry just doesn’t work like that.

I also want to remind y’all about the worthlessness of features for an indie artist or label. As examples,  2 years ago, every artist in Louisiana who could afford it had a Kevin Gates feature….every Florida artist who could afford it had a 2 Chainz feature….not ONE of these cats who purchased features reaped a real benefit from having these HOT artists on their song. The star power of the known rapper did NOT make any ONE of the verse buying rappers a penny, didn’t make em famous, only cost them a nice chunk of money. Not one of those who purchased features benefitted from that other rapper’s star power; they’re not doing paid shows or getting money from those guest appearances. I’m even willing to say NOT ONE of them is better off for paying Gates or Chainz or whoever for a feature.

And there are rappers right now scraping up every nickel they can find to try and buy a Lil’ Boosie feature when he’s released from prison shortly…..the dudes with those plans might as well soak that money in gas and light it on fire….


My next post I’m gonna present my opinion on what you should do with that $5-10,000 you wanna spend on a feature.  Even if you’re a d-boy ready to spend $50-75,000 for a Lil Boosie or other “big name” feature… week I’m gonna give you some insight on alternatives to buying features that actually work. I’m also gonna explain to you the true purpose of features on a major label level.

If you’re a rapper out here gettin’ a couple grand or so for a verse – I’m not knocking your hustle….I’m simply looking out for my people that are coming from nothing and need to spend every penny effectively.

Anyway, y’all stay tuned to for this uncut raw info on today’s music industry. I got you!

Tony Guidry is Senior Marketing Manager for A Scratchy ThroatA Scratchy Throat – the brainchild of music industry mainstay Wendy Day – provides professional social media marketing specifically designed for today’s aspiring artists.


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  1. While I agree I think Redman and Das Efx sold more than EPMD, but They weren’t signed to EPMD I don’t think.They were in def squad and EPMD got them record deals.They were under EPMD in some form and Snoop sold more than Dre

    • Just to comment…..Redman was signed to Def Jam from day 1 while EPMD’s first release was thru Sleeping Bag Records, then Priority and finally Def Jam. Our first official rhymes from Redman were on an EPMD cd & Erick Sermon produced songs for Redman’s debut – but neither Erick or Parrish were ever in charge of his career. Redman was always a Def Jam artist, and he reaped the rewards of having that titan behind him from the beginning.

      As for Das Efx – they had 1 platinum album which was their debut – in contrast EPMD first 3 albums debuted at number 1 on the R&B/Rap charts AND in total their first 5 albums went gold, whereas Das Efx star faded immediately after their 1st release and feature on Ice Cube’s “Check Yo Self”. Lastly on this point, the “Hit Squad” wasn’t an official label or business of EPMD’s – it was more of a ‘collective’ along the lines of the ‘Native Tongues’ movement where each artist had their own situations but were mentored by the more established artists. Remember that when EPMD broke up as a group, every Hit Squad member went their own way. Had their been contracts involved, those artists would’ve still been contractually bound to the Hit Squad.

      When we move to Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg – Dre was an “owner” of Death Row in title only (remember that when he left Death Row to start Aftermath, he left with NOTHING – not even his own masters). Also, Dre isn’t a rapper, he is a producer. But even so, both Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg released an album while Dre was at Death Row. Dre dropped the Chronic & Snoop dropped DoggyStyle – both albums sold an identical 4 million copies. In fact DoggyStyle is Snoop’s biggest selling album to date, but Dre’s biggest selling album is ‘2001’ which sold 7 million copies. Not bad for a producer vs one of the hottest rap artists of the 90’s.

      Perception says that Redman & Das Efx sold more than EPMD, & Snoop sold more than Dre, but the numbers tell the truth bro.

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