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I can only give you advice for free.

If you want a direct consultation on how to grow your fanbase, spread the reach of your music, get significant blog coverage, get rotational radio play, sell merchandise, earn show income and become a professional in the music industry – then you’re gonna need some money.

You don’t need the money just to pay me.

You need the money to print promo material, travel city to city & state to state, buy ad campaigns, hire a publicist, hire a radio promoter, get your songs mixed & mastered to industry standards……you need money to build & maintain a proper website, to print 10s of thousands of promo singles, eps or mixtapes or download cards, etc. for the cities you’ve gotta travel to, you need money for hotels in these cities you hit, you need money for food and to provide for your habits while on the road.

You’re gonna spend at least a thousand dollars on staples, staple guns, tape, glue, etc. just to post up your promo stuff.

So when you ask me to help you – understand that the path that I’ll lead you down to get you to the money requires you to have money to invest in yourself.

money and music

The number one lie that you’ve been told is that your talent is enough. You’ve been led to believe that it doesn’t take money or hard work or dedication or consistency. To quote my idol Malcolm X “Ya been had! Ya been took! Ya been hoodwinked! Bamboozled! Led astray! Run amok!”

Talent alone will not make you successful because music is a business. The process to become successful relies on consistency, hard work, focus, determination and timing. Talent is the most common commodity. There’s a great to excellent rapper in every neighborhood of every city in America.

The separation between you as a rapper and the next person with a rap dream is NOT your talent. The difference is in your work ethic and dedication to being successful.

money and music 2

It is a fact of business that you must have some form of capital in order to begin a new endeavor. Any new business MUST HAVE MONEY in order to succeed. Music is a business and so is your indie label and your rap career. Have some money to build and establish your business.

My advice is useless if you don’t have the finances in place to grow.

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Tony Guidry is Senior Marketing Manager for A Scratchy ThroatA Scratchy Throat – the brainchild of music industry mainstay Wendy Day – provides professional social media marketing specifically designed for today’s aspiring artists. Tony is also owner of Authentic Artists Alliance and exclusive booking contact for Trouble (Duct Tape Ent/2 Tru Ent), O.Z. Mr. 28 Grams (Fratt Boi Muzic Group) and Racked Up Ready (Bow Ent). For digital marketing services or booking inquiries email: or

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  1. Heres the question I have. What if you have money to invest in ones self but have limited to no resources. Thats almost equivalent to having no money at all?

    • I don’t understand what u mean by having no resources. If you network and study the business principles that govern the music industry – you’ll develop solid resources. Money plus knowledge will lead you to resources.

  2. @ogtonyg how can i get in contact with you in regards to the services you provide. I have recorded my tracks and at the moment i am looking for a proper way and channel to market it……
    Please let me know how i can be in contact with you.

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