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Allow me to share some insight with rappers who choose to understand

Being a rapper and trying to gain new fans isn’t as simple as making a great song and then handing it to someone…….if it was that simple we’d have a billion successful rappers.

Every song you make won’t be a keeper….you may love every song u make with all your heart – BUT – the way that YOU feel about a song isn’t what makes it great. The way the PEOPLE feel about your song will make it great or average or mediocre or garbage….

Understand that when you decided to become an artist, you put yourself in a position to have your talent judged and criticized and ridiculed and clowned the same way that you wish to be congratulated and praised and approved of and complimented.

There isn’t as much hate as you think against you…..there is just a lot of indifference. Nobody cares about your rap dreams or your “little rap songs” until you’ve put in the work to make your dreams start to become a reality.

It’s no one else’s responsibility to “give you a try” or “give you a chance” — too many rappers these days are approaching potential fans like they are owed some kind of opportunity.

Approaching a total stranger thinking that they “owe” you anything is a recipe for disaster……

You gotta work to be respected…..and be consistent to get heard these days.

Ain’t no rap soup kitchen where you can go and get some free fans because you’re down on your luck……if you don’t work you don’t eat…..and just like ANY real job – you gotta work until you get your paycheck……you can’t get paid in advance & can’t get fans in advance.

A fanbase or following is built from the work you put in, along with the consistency & quality of your music….add in professional presentation, total dedication to each project, focusing on what’s truly important and treating the people who become fans with respect <—– that’ll help you to build your fanbase.

But all that ignorance…….refusal to learn……stop & go rap hustling…….bullshit graphics…….stolen beats with the watermark playing thru the whole song…..dick riding……thirst for attention…..trashy live performances…..lack of proper preparation…..trying to clone what’s already successful……and general buffoonery all combine to make your quest to be a successful rapper next to impossible.

Most aspiring rappers are out here panhandling for fans….& nobody feels sorry for you because you’re not poppin…….If you put your effort into really trying to reach people instead of trying to front…..then maybe people will begin to identify with you.

Until then, nobody wants to be the fan of a SUCKA……and it’s so obvious that a lotta u cats are as fake as ur watches and chains…….try being yourself and putting in your work…’ll carry you to places that you never even imagined or maybe have only dreamed about…..

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Tony Guidry is Senior Marketing Manager for A Scratchy ThroatA Scratchy Throat – the brainchild of music industry mainstay Wendy Day – provides professional social media marketing specifically designed for today’s aspiring artists. Tony is also owner of Authentic Artists Alliance and exclusive booking contact for Trouble (Duct Tape Ent/2 Tru Ent), O.Z. Mr. 28 Grams (Fratt Boi Muzic Group) and Racked Up Ready (Bow Ent). For digital marketing services or booking inquiries email: or

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