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Do music industry scams make money?

The music industry generated 15.7 BILLION dollars last year….
Music Industry Scams
That doesn’t count the money spent on music industry scams by unknowing artists.
I guesstimate there is at least an extra BILLION dollars earned by scammers in the URBAN industry alone.
Music Industry Scams
The math:
Each state has at least 100 dudes with decent money backing their own rap or R&B label – who spend their budget with fuckboys. If each of those 100 guys spends 100k in a year on their music dreams – that’s 100 x 50 states x $100,000 = $500,000,000
Each state has at least 500 artists who scramble up bread to support their music dreams – then spend it with fuckboys. If each of those artists spend $10,000-20,000 a year, that’s 500 x 50 states x $15,000 (avg) = $375,000,000
Each state has at least 1,000 “struggling artists” who try a buncha shortcuts and pay for play. They spend around $5,000 on their music dreams with fuckboys. 1,000 x 50 states x $5,000 = $250,000,000
Added up, that’s easily over a BILLION.

Music Industry Scams

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Add in the feature & show scams. The “label meeting” scams. The beat selling scams. The video placement scams. Digital marketing scams. Social media marketing scams. Purchases of fake followers, friends, likes, views, etc. and we closin in on 1.5 or even 2 BILLION dollars on the music industry scams!
21 Savage Music Industry Scams
Sadly, even more money is wasted on fruitless efforts and outdated tactics by people who just don’t know and refuse to learn……

Music Industry Scams

The artist is often the consumer in the business of music. Especially when they’re just starting out, tryna build a fanbase and create a buzz for themselves while figuring out how to get heard.
Unfortunately too many fall victim to music industry scams because of their lack of knowledge and refusal to accept the importance of learning how the music business actually works.
Don’t let your hard earned dollars be a come-up to some con artist. Do your research and learn as much as you can about this business before spending a dime.
Hint: Nobody is gonna “put you on” without YOU doing 99.9% of the work. For every tenth of a point they lessen your workload, they’re likely robbing you of 5 points of income from your music… the best case scenario is that someone “puts you on” after you do 98.1% of the work – for their 1.9% they just keep all the money since you didn’t know any better.
Music Industry Scams
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